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Hey thanks for visiting my home page and I hope you find the information that you are looking for…

So we recently visited our family over in the UK and had a wonderful time staying over with them and touring all round the country which isn’t actually that hard because its not exactly a huge country !

We started off in London after landing from Amsterdam airport and the flight was brilliant really smooth and the service with the airline was great . Of course upon arriving the great British weather had a massive downpour on us which put me in a really bad mood because it had been so hot back home , however my enthusiasm soon picked up when the weather cleared up and the sun showed its glorious face.

The hotel we stayed at the first night was just a Premier Inn but it was adequate and it was great to get our heads down and get some sleep after the travel of the day. We went out for a bite to eat and a glass of wine at a local eatery across from the hotel and i particularly enjoyed the Tapas there and can highly recommend it if only I could remember the name of the venue !

Day 2 and we are off to the train station to catch the train from Euston up to Manchester where my relatives live it was a fairly quick journey only around 2 hours so we arrived feeling fresh and relaxed. my aunt and uncle met us at Piccadilly station and we were whisked off in their car to stockport where they live. I didn’t really see much of the town other than when we drove through it because our schedule was to tour around the north West of England and visit all the places of note.

On day 2 we visited Blackpool and my aunt and uncle had arranged a surprise for us ! It was a trip down the Golden Mile which is the promenade in Blackpool in a hired limousine which was a great treat ! We really enjoyed the tour and saw the Blackpool Tower which was cool and had some food and drinks at The Beach House bar which is a new place right on the promenade with great views.

We mad our way back to Stockport in the limousine and were dropped off back at our relatives house in comfort and luxury. That night we stayed in and had a family meal and listened to the old family stories that we had heard so many times before yawn . So off to bed after an exciting day visiting Blackpool and enjoying a ride in a limo.

Day 3 we set off to the Lake District and visited Lake Windermere and Bowness which was very quaint and picturesque , I must say that I particularly enjoyed this little trip and would love to visit the area again and spend more time there maybe even for a whole week as I think there is a lot to see in the area and I believe that there are a great many walks in the country there .

Day 4 and it was time to head back to London for our flight home and I wish that we could’ve stayed a bit longer but time was against us and ¬†we had to head back . Until next time !



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